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e-commerce remains a prominent growth area in the region, with an increasing number of global giants entering this burgeoning market. As more investments are continue to be funnelled into e-commerce infrastructure, supply chain, and service delivery, analysts’ predict that the region is poised to witness further growth in this business in coming years. 
In addition, the region has also become a hub for entrepreneurs, technology incubators, start-ups, digital innovators and SMEs. These fledgling companies require legal guidance when setting-up an online business presence in the region.  
Whether a start-up or a seasoned player in the e-commerce sphere, Jain & Jain team offers companies expert advice based on deep understanding of local, regional, and international laws related to intellectual property and e-commerce. We have represented clients and diversified business conglomerates across multiple geographies, on virtually every aspect of operational and legal issues involving technology and e-commerce related transactions. 
Key areas of expertise and experience include:

E-trader license
Proprietary rights
Partner relationships
E-commerce jurisdiction  
E-commerce website terms & policies